Calcite (Fluorescent) on Iridescent Stibnite from Xikuangshan Mine, China

Calcite (Fluorescent) on Iridescent Stibnite from Xikuangshan Mine, China

Dimension: 10.5cm x 2.8cm x 2.9cm

Weight: 49g

Locality: Xikuangshan Sb Deposit, Lengshuijiang Co., Loudi, Hunan Province, China


An impressive Calcite and Stibnite combinations from the Xikuangshan deposit measuring 10.5cm in length, magnificent!  Splendid, metallic-silver Stibnite blades with sharp striations exhibit an unusual and striking peacock-blue iridescence at one end, the crystals are exceedingly lustrous.  Adding to its appeal is the fact that it has what appears to be a perfect museum quality specimen that the intergrown Calcite crystals rest on a plate of finely crystallized Stibnite shows a beautiful pinkish orange fluorescence under UV lighting (365nm)! 


This was bought by my father in around 2002, Stibnite from China set the world’s standard and surprised the minerals world when they first appeared in the market in early 2000.  This highly aesthetic piece certainly adds to China's fine legacy of quality Stibnite.