Botryoidal Gibbsite on Matrix from Wenshan, China

Botryoidal Gibbsite on Matrix from Wenshan, China

Dimension: 5.1cm x 2.6cm x 2cm

Weight: 16g / 80 carat

Locality: Wenshan Mine, Wenshan Co., Yunnan Province, China


An artistic specimen with a myriad of botryoidal aggregates of Gibbsite in a beautiful rich turquoise color, like a little blue caterpillar.  Very aesthetic and attractive!


Gibbsite was first discovered in 1820 by Chester Dewey (1784-1867) of Williams College, Massachusetts.  It was first thought to be Wavellite, but a year later it was determined to be a separate mineral species and was subsequently named Hydrargillite.  It was then renamed Gibbsite in 1822 by John Torrey (1796-1873) in honor of George Gibbs (1776-1833) of New Haven, a noted mineralogist whose important collection was acquired by Yale University.