Azurite with Chrysocolla and Malachite from Liufengshan Mine, Anhu, China

Dimension: 5cm x 4.2cm x 2.3cm

Weight: 36g

Locality: Liufengshan Mine, Guichi District, Chizhou, Anhui, China


Gorgeous Azurite specimen with Chrysocolla and Malachite from the Liufengshan Mine, Anhui, China.  The bright sky blue Chrysocolla forms a sharp, eye-catching color contrast with the deep royal blue Azurite crystals.  Grown on a slightly botryoidal matrix, the Azurite crystals are very sparkly.  The underside of the piece exhibits Malachite intergrown, outstanding!


Liufengshan Mine is well-known for two types of Azurite – extremely crystallized Azurite of which the crystals are usually of a larger size and are thicker; Azurite with Chrysocolla and Malachite pseudomorph which shows a dazzling range of colors and a significantly bright blue Azurite.

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