Azurite from Liufengshan Mine, Anhui, China

Azurite from Liufengshan Mine, Anhui, China

Dimension: 2.8cm x 2.3cm x 1.4cm

Weight: 10g / 50 carat

Locality: Liufengshan Mine, Guichi District, Chizhou, Anhui, China


A beautiful two-sided miniature Azurite with from Liufengshan Mine, Anhui, China.  The highly crystalized Azurite in a deep royal blue color exhibit a gorgeous, dazzling sparkles, outstanding!  The back of piece displays some very well-formed botryoidal Azurite crystals.  Price inclusive of a high quality acrylic display box.


Liufengshan Mine is well-known for two types of Azurite – extremely crystallized Azurite of which the crystals are usually of a larger size and are thicker; Azurite with Chrysocolla and Malachite pseudomorph which shows a dazzling range of colors and a significantly bright blue Azurite.