"Arrow" Calcite with Rainbow Iridescent from Qinglong Mine, China

"Arrow" Calcite with Rainbow Iridescent from Qinglong Mine, China

Dimension: 6.4cm x 5.1cm x 2.6cm

Weight: 86g

Locality: Qinglong Mine (Dachang Mine), Dachang Sb ore field, Qinglong County, Qianxinan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, China


Calcite of this kind started emerging from a one-time-find in the area near Qinglong Mine in early 2019, where most of the specimens excavated were either heavily damaged or not as gemmy as this piece.  Exceedingly vitreous, divergent sprays of gem quality Calcite crystals in an eye-catching amber yellow color intergrown to form this fan-shaped cluster.  It exhibits miraculous rainbow iridescent and an arrow shaped termination, so stunning!  Calcites of this kind have a green fluorescence under UV lighting (365 nm) and exhibit a long phosphorescence emission as shown on my blog page.


When these came to the market they were quickly snapped up and disappeared.  I would say these are not just Calcite but rather have elevated to unique in mineral collecting and are immediately recognizable!