Apophyllite Specimen from Savada, Jalgaon District, India

Apophyllite Specimen from Savada, Jalgaon District, India

Dimension: 10.6cm x 8cm x 6.8cm

Weight: 302g

Locality: Savada, Dharangaon Taluka, Jalgaon District, Maharashtra Province, India


A large cabinet well-formed Apophyllite cluster of museum quality excavated in November 2019 from Savada, Jalgaon District, Maharashtra Province, India.  Apophyllite of this finest quality and perfect 3D formation is extremely rare, the two perfect doubly terminated Apophyllite crystals are each measuring 7.1cm across, magnificient!  The Apophyllite crystals have exceedingly high internal brightness and lustrous surfaces, gemminess with pointed and tapered terminations full of refractions.  A world-class and visually entrancing specimen from this famous locale, it's way way more beautiful in person than photos!  


A high quality display stand made of pure copper and acrylic is included in the price.