Amazonite Crystal Wand from Zimbabwe

Amazonite Crystal Wand from Zimbabwe

Dimension: 7.7cm x 2.9cm x 2.8cm

Weight: 94g

Locality: Zimbabwe


This is a high-quality hand-polished Amazonite Crystal Wand from Zimbabwe.  It exhibits gorgeous colors and beautiful patterns.  This is a custom selected piece from a wholesale lot of 300kg.  Amazonite, sometimes called “Amazon Stone,” is a variety of Feldspar.  It can vary in glorious shades of light blue to mint green and rainbow colors.  Amazonite displays a schiller of light caused by the natural inclusions, such as from gas cavaties or mineral intergrowths within the crystal.


Healing Properties:


Amazonite is called the Stone of Courage.  This beautiful gemstone empowers one to soul-search and move past the fear of judgment or confrontation with others.  It is believed that Amazonite may also enhance intuition, creativity, and intellect.