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Museum Quality Mineral Specimens

Heritage 1971: Museum Quality Mineral Specimens for Collectors

Mineral specimens for collectors are pristine, unique, and a natural work of art. Heritage 1971 provides museum quality mineral specimens for collectors. We're a trustworthy mineral specimen sourcing service with over 49 years of experience, offering fine mineral specimens at affordable prices. Our mineral specimens for collectors draw mineral lovers worldwide.

At Heritage 1971, we ensure the highest ethical standards when sourcing our crystals and museum quality mineral specimens. We practice responsible business and work to protect the natural world. And we guarantee that all of our mineral specimens for collectors are ethically sourced and 100 percent natural with no artificial coloring or enhancements.

Each of our gorgeous mineral specimens for collectors comes with a high-quality acrylic display, and some offer pure copper and acrylic. You'll want to take a look at our mineral specimens for collectors to find phenomenal museum quality Fluorite specimens from the Qinglong Mine of China, with deep purple edges and a blue color center. Fluorite is one of the most popular among Chinese mineral collectors.

You'll find even more museum quality mineral specimens when you look through our site at Heritage 1971. The Inky blue Fluorite crystals perched on a Milky Quartz crystal is a world-class collector's piece. And our specimen of Fluorite with Calcite and Pyrite from Yaogangxian Mine is an excellent choice of mineral specimens for collectors.

With our tradition of excellence and a firm commitment to providing museum quality mineral specimens, Heritage 1971 is the place for a serious collector to discover rare minerals. And, if you're searching for the quintessential healing crystal, you'll find it here. You can shop conveniently online. And if you have any questions, we're here to help.

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