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Minerals For Sale

Heritage 1971: Rare Chinese Minerals for Sale

There are all levels of minerals for sale today. Many people use crystals for healing and meditation, as cultures have done for thousands of years. You might be searching for rare minerals for sale because you're a collector. Heritage 1971 offers the highest quality Chinese minerals for sale to add to your collection. You'll find rare mineral specimens for sale as you browse through our website at Heritage 1971.

From azurite with Chrysocoll and many more, our rare minerals for sale are impressive. We also offer pristine museum-quality rare minerals for sale, such as a vivid royal purple color Amethyst specimen from the Catalán Grande Quarry in Uruguay. And, you'll find a large specimen Dogtooth Calcite from the world-renowned Fengjiashan Mine (Daye Copper Mine) among our Chinese minerals for sale.

Chinese minerals for sale from the Daye Copper Mine, such as malachite, azurite, brochantite, and langite, are well-known and sought worldwide. Apophyllite grows in the cavities of volcanic rocks and hydrothermal veins, along with Stilbite, Calcite, Quartz, and other Zeolites. The world's best Apophyllite crystals come from the Maharashtra Province of India and the Daye Copper Mine.

We offer collectors rare minerals for sale among our Chinese minerals for sale, such as our Plumbogummite Pseudomorph Pyromorphite from Yangshuo Mine. The naturally terminated divergent aggregate of elongated yellow Pyromorphite crystals with flower-like crystals has a thin layer of pale blue Plumbogummite. And our gorgeous minerals for sale include a high-quality acrylic display box.

At Heritage 1971, we ensure the highest ethical standards when sourcing our crystals and rare minerals for sale, practicing responsible business, and protecting the natural world. We guarantee that all of our minerals for sale are 100 percent natural and ethically sourced. There are no artificial coloring or enhancements.

Here, you'll find rare minerals for sale and a beautiful specimen of Enhydro Brandberg Amethyst Smoky Quartz crystal carefully mined by hand in the Brandberg area of Namibia. Brandberg crystals have a visible blend of Amethyst and Smoky Quartz. The ancient geology in the oldest desert on earth indicates that Brandberg Enhydro Crystals contain water around 120 million years old.

You'll find even more Chinese minerals for sale when you look through our site at Heritage 1971. From Huanggang Mine, Inner Mongolia, Inky blue Fluorite crystals perched on a Milky Quartz crystal to a world-class collector's piece of Fluorite with Calcite and Pyrite from Yaogangxian Mine.

We offer a tradition of excellence and a firm commitment to providing Chinese minerals for sale and more at affordable prices. Whether you're a serious collector looking for rare minerals for sale or you're searching for the quintessential healing crystal, you'll love browsing the minerals for sale that we offer at Heritage 1971. You can shop online. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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