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Healing Crystals For Home

Heritage 1971: Healing Crystals for Home

Healing crystals for the home are trending these days. Rocks, gems, minerals, and crystals have been part of healing rituals for centuries. At Heritage 1971, you'll find natural healing crystals for home. Our rocks, gems, minerals, and crystals are uniquely sourced in China and around the world for their ancient healing properties.

Clear quartz is among the quintessential healing crystals for home and personal use. It amplifies energy by absorbing and releasing it, and it also helps concentration and memory. Among rocks, gems, minerals, and crystals, clear quartz is the place to start. At Heritage 1971, we offer a variety of clear quartz, including Fluorite with Quartz and Epidote from Yaogangxian Mine. The Fluorite crystals are blue-purple with a deeper purple center and transparent clear Quartz points. Our rocks, gems, minerals, and crystals all come with a high-quality display box, too.

We also have a gorgeous specimen of Enhydro Brandberg Amethyst Smoky Quartz crystal carefully mined by hand in the Brandberg area of Namibia. Brandberg crystals have a visible blend of Amethyst and Smoky Quartz, with ancient geology in the oldest desert on earth containing water around 120 million years old.

Among the other popular healing crystals for home are Amethyst specimens such as our Amethyst and Calcite from Fengjianshan Mine, Daye Co., China. This stunning Amethyst specimen features an Amethyst close to two inches in length. Amethyst is said to be protective, healing, and purifying, ridding the mind of negative thoughts and fostering spiritual wisdom.

If you're searching for healing crystals for home, browse our gallery collections at Heritage 1971 for unique and spiritual rocks, gems, minerals, and crystals to add to your collection.

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